WordPress themes: an explanation on what they are and what they do

The beauty of WordPress in that you can create a site easily in almost any style you want using a WordPress Theme.

What are themes?

Themes are quick and easy ways to make a website look a certain way and do certain things. Basically a template for how the site looks and runs.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of themes – a lot of them are free, while some cost a small fee (such as £10-30).

By looking around at the many sites that display examples of themes, you can either choose the theme you want for your site, or start to gather ideas from various themes and design a site looking the way you want it to.

Websites displaying examples of themes

The below are examples of the many sites that list (and display) themes:

Any of these WordPress Themes can be used for your site, which I can create quickly, easily and cost-effectively!

Simply contact me for further details.

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