What are blogs and why you need one on your website

A blog can add an edge to your website

A blog can add an edge to your website

What is a blog?

A blog or weblog is a regularly updated web page, or section of your site.

Used like a forum, blog entries (‘posts’) are brief and reflect the thoughts, opinions and interests of the people or persons writing it.

Usually set out in chronological order, other features normally found in a blog include an (often searchable) archive of past items, and the opportunity for the reader to comment on all posts.

The features of blogs

There are several features of blogs, which make them a unique method of communication. Some of these features are:

  • They are written from a personal point of view and are therefore: informal, direct, demonstrate the personality of the blogger and are conversational in style rather than formal
  • Blogs are frequent and are for publishing information as soon as the blogger has something to say. When you read them, you get the feeling that the author is writing with a stream of consciousness about something that is currently happening. They are regularly updated.
  • Open in nature, they are unregulated and uncensored – however they will have some level of censorship in line with blogging/workplace policies.
  • All blogs have links, which give the readers the chance to go instantly elsewhere for more information about something they are interested in. The links give blogs their credibility by allowing readers to check facts as they read.
  • Blogs are interactive and social. Conversational in tone, it is possible to add comments and opinions to blogs and to communicate with the author.
  • Blogs are chronological – new information is posted at the top while old posts are pushed further down the page. They generally have archives where old articles are kept and can be accessed again when needed.

Why blogs are good for your business

  • Blogs enable richer connections with existing customers and potential customers. They can be used to help to inform people about new products or services, or any changes in your business.
  • They help readers gain greater insight into the culture of your brand, generating goodwill and loyalty as your business is more open and approachable.
  • Blogs develop relationships with customers and are an effective method of developing open dialogue between you and them.

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