What is HTML and do you need to know it to run a WordPress website?

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HTML5 is the latest version of HyperText Markup LanguageWhat is HTML?

In short – No! You don’t need to be an html expert to run a WordPress website.

However as with anything, it’s good to know the basics..

What’s HTML?

  • H-T-M-L are initials that stand for HyperText Markup Language. This is computer language used to create web pages.
  • Web pages are HTML documents that consist of text and special instructions called tags.
  • A Web browser interprets the tags in an HTML document to determine how to display the Web page. When you create a Web page using web authoring software, the HTML tags are hidden from view.
  • All tag formats are the same. They begin with a less-than sign: < and end with a greater-than sign: >. What goes inside the < and > is the tag.

Examples of simple HTML coding

Using bold

  • To make ‘Jim into ‘Jim‘, a <strong> tag is used to mark-up the language.
  • An opening tag is used before the word <strong>, and a closing tag afterwards </strong> (notice the right leaning back-slash ‘/’)
  • So the whole sentence is <strong>Jim</strong>
  • When the web browser renders this html it displays ‘Jim


  • When you are typing text into the template, the software is generating HTML code for the text you are inputting.  Pressing the enter key once inserts two line spaces to create a paragraph.
  • The coding for a paragraph begins with a <p> and ends with </p>. Below is an example of the HTML code for a paragraph
  • HMTL Code: <p>This is a sample paragraph</p>

Single line spacing

  • To set a single line space in your document hold the SHIFT key down and press enter once.
  • This will set a <BR> tag known as a break.
  • Be careful when using this command as any formatting such as BOLD or headings will continue.
  • Only a paragraph tag will end the formatting.

Further sites and training

See the below sites for further training on html.

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