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Pingbacks and trackbacks: what are they?

Trackbacks and pingbacks

In this short post we reveal what Pingbacks and Trackbacks are and how you can use them effectively.

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How to get the Bookmarks Bar back in Google Chrome

Google Chrome logo

If you’re like us and have experienced that feeling of dread after all your bookmarks have disappeared within Chrome, […]

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7 good reasons why you should use WordPress

So what is WordPress and why is it raved about so much? We list 7 […]

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What are blogs and why you need one on your website

A blog can add an edge to your website

What is a blog? A blog or weblog is a regularly updated web page, or […]

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Creating a Blog: top tips to help you focus on why, what, who and more

Blogger and WordPress an

To blog or not to blog? If you have decided that blogging is something you […]

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